Selectman candidate Cannistraro outlines issues facing Lincoln

(Selectman Candidate Vin Cannistraro outlines his take on the issues facing Lincoln and the reasons he’s running for Selectman)

Dear Town Residents:

My name is Vin Cannistraro, and I am running for Selectman. Here is a quick summary of what I see as areas of concern for the Town:

Better Process – Let’s leverage the talents and creativity of our Residents by encouraging more genuine inclusion and collaboration to identify and solve issues.  We should strive for a broader, more diverse range of volunteers, and utilize advisory subcommittees for a defined task with a more-modest time commitment.

Fiscal Prudence – We need to ensure that, with every dollar we spend, we are creating as much value for the Town as possible. More attention needs to be given to the totality of issues on the horizon. Just as we have collaboratively developed long-range plans for land and housing, we need to develop a long-rang plan now for capital expenditures.

Housing Values in Lincoln have declined considerably over the past decade, while those of our neighbors have fared much better by comparison. We should explore any underlying reason(s) for this, and discuss how we can improve.

Route 2 – The biggest Conservation Tragedy to befall Lincoln in over 50 years.  What’s more heart wrenching is that, although many thoughtful people worked tirelessly to develop clear protocol for selective removal of mature trees within the Construction Zone, this was not followed and the chainsaws ran wild. Town Leadership failed us all when we needed them most. We need to make this right.

School Building – We all care deeply about our children’s education, and know that something needs to be done. Let’s work together now in an open, honest and thoughtful manner. No matter what Project goes forward, Lincoln deserves 80% voter approval – then we know we did the right thing.

COA – We’ve paid for two studies already; now it’s time to act thoughtfully. Work with and support the COA as they develop and present detailed, long-term options to the Town. In the meantime, spend a very modest sum now to address legitimate Privacy/Dignity and Safety concerns at Bemis Hall.

The Two Hanscoms The Base is a good neighbor, and we need to do all we can to ensure its viability. However, we need a well-crafted Contingency Plan for a variety of scenarios for potential change. Also, unmitigated growth at the Airport represents a significant threat, and we should be diligent in fighting this at every step.

I may be reached by phone (1726) or email (, to answer your questions.




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Cannistraro invites Lincolnites to call him, discuss Town issues

(Editor’s note: Selectman Candidate Vin Cannistraro has written an open letter to town residents inviting everyone to call him (though not at the same time) to discuss their concerns and issues:)

To Those [Lincolnites] Who Don’t Know Me,

The Candidate’s Forum was held last Saturday March 15, and I hope that what I had to say resonates in some way with each of you.  If you are curious to learn more about me, or share your thoughts, you are always welcome to email me at, or call me at 1726; I also encourage you to watch the recording of the Candidate’s Forum so you can form your own opinion – be it good, bad, or other.

I would also like to take a moment to share why I have come to embrace a fundamental belief in the power of inclusion and deep appreciation for different perspectives:

Over 25 years of my professional career is in the area of mechanical construction.  My dad started the business from my bedroom, and the Company has grown to be one of the largest of its kind in the Nation.  What was our family’s secret?  In short, it was a philosophy of fostering inclusion and diversity of perspectives.  We were the only firm to be started by someone who had never worked in the Trades, the first to hire non-construction personnel in key management positions, the first to hire women in a traditionally “men’s” business at all levels, and the first to establish a program for inner-city youth to start in our shop, leading to sponsorship into the notoriously “tight-knit” labor unions.

Whether it has been in my academic, business or personal life, I’ve been so very fortunate to benefit from the different experiences of virtually anyone I meet.  If any of you feel the same way, I would certainly welcome your consideration of me as a Selectman for this amazing Community.

Vin Cannistraro

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Cannistraro highlights Capital Planning/ Construction Mgmt experience

(Editor’s note:  Selectman candidate Vin Cannistraro has written an open letter to Lincoln residents detailing his strong construction management/capital projects experience:)
Dear Lincolnites;

I, and many others in Town, greatly admire (or we should!) the hard work that ALL of the Town volunteers do day in and day out, and year after year. I do understand how these dedicated people can often feel underappreciated and not supported, and this is a very unfortunate thing. Also, I understand that experience is certainly valuable – especially when needed most.  Towards this end, here’s one thing that I respectfully ask people to reflect upon:

It appears as if many of the biggest concerns of the Town (Route 2, COA, Schools, Community Center) in the near to mid future are directly construction related.  Perhaps the Town could benefit from an experienced hand, and capable leader in this area to help guide a collaborative, thoughtful Process that will ensure the most value creation per each dollar spent.

I have over 25 years in extremely complex construction projects, often working directly with the highest levels within countless State, Public, and Private entities and corporations.  I have extensive knowledge and leadership experience in all phases of the construction process including contract review and negotiation, budgeting and cost control, design and scheduling, quality control and contract conflict resolution.  My past projects include work in virtually every academic institution in the Boston area, numerous public school projects, community and student centers, mixed use, and affordable housing.   But of all the projects that I’ve been involved with over my career, my favorite remains the Boston Convention Center, because not only was it a high-profile, challenging project, but to me, it also continues to symbolize bringing people together to share different perspectives.

Lincoln Residents, I appreciate your consideration in this upcoming Election.  I believe my vast experience in this area can help Lincoln bring a new perspective to its Town Leadership, and help successfully navigate these challenges.

Vin Cannistraro

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Lincoln Candidates Debate

Selectman Peter Braun and challenger Vin Cannistraro faced off last Saturday (3/15) at the Smith Gym.   The two are competing for a seat on the Board of Selectmen at this March’s Town Elections.  You can watch both candidates throw me under the bus beginning at the 58 minute mark.  Candidates for all of the other uncontested races also spoke at the event.

               Click Here to watch the debate

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AKA hopes to open by April 17

Christian Touche, the owner of AKA Bistro, the French/Sushi restaurant at the Lincoln Mall reports that he hopes to reopen by April 17, in time for the Easter weekend.

The restaurant suffered significant water damage from flooding during one of this winter’s wicked cold spells after a pipe burst in the ceiling of the second floor, above the restaurant, in mid-December .

Since then, Christian has been battling with his insurer, Hanover Insurance.  To date, he has spent over half a million dollars on salaries and other expenses, but Hanover is balking at fully reimbursing him.  For example, he has continued to pay the restaurant’s wait staff, including expected tips, but the insurer wants to pay only base salaries, which are $2.53 an hour.

Another complication occurred when the restaurant’s contractor learned that the Town of Lincoln required architectural drawings before a building permit could be issued.

Christian reports that it has been a very frustrating time, but he looks forward to greeting all his old customers soon.

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