Town Gadfly, Norman Hapgood passes away

Norman Hapgood, 92, a unique figure in the old days of Lincoln town life, died at his home in Lincoln on Saturday, October 22, 2011, after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. Norman was best known for riding his unicycle in the July 4th parade, usually with clever references to Lincoln town issues, and for speaking prolifically at Town Meeting.

There will be a life celebration for Norman at the Pierce House on Saturday, November 19 at 2 pm.  All are invited.

ClickHere to read Norman’s obituary

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Bob Domnitz
Candidate for Re-Election to the Planning Board

My Core Values:    

Preserve the Town’s Character, Strengthen our Community, Respect our Land

Our Zoning Bylaw is an expression of these same core values, allowing us to manage growth and change responsibly while respecting our historic and rural heritage. We benefit in Lincoln from the farsighted, altruistic actions of residents who placed large tracts of land in conservation and adopted large-lot zoning with development controls. We are all stewards of this precious legacy.

Continue to Support the Planning Board’s Mission

During my 12 years on the Planning Board, we’ve seen significant change. I’m proud to have contributed to the Board’s work on the redevelopment of the Mall at Lincoln Station, the Commons in Lincoln (formerly The Groves), and the Comprehensive Long Range Plan. I’ve been the Board’s liaison to the massive Route 2 project and the lead member for issues such as Hanscom Field, the Battle Road Scenic Byway, and cell towers. My background in engineering and law has been helpful throughout.

Facilitate the School Project

Our schools are Lincoln’s most important community asset. I am committed, as is the entire Planning Board, to assisting the School Committee in the successful and swift completion of the school project, in whatever form is finally approved by Town Meeting. Although the Planning Board does have a limited permitting role in the project, our primary contribution will be to act as a technical resource, assisting on specific issues such as traffic circulation.


My Background:

Public Sector-Municipal: Lincoln Planning Board; Lexington Planning Board; Hanscom Field Advisory Commission; Route 2 Oversight Committee; Battle Road Scenic Byway Committee; Planning Board Liaison to HATS; Cambridge Reservoir Watershed Committee.

Public Sector-State: Economic Development Specialist in the administration of Gov. Weld

Private Sector: President, Technical Collaborative, Inc., an electronics R&D firm.

Education: M.I.T., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; Boston College Law School, J.D.


Contact Info: 781 259-1080;

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Cannistraro thanks all

To the Residents of Lincoln;
To my family – thank you for putting up with me for the last three months.
To my friends and supporters – thank you all so much. I am very pleased at the strong showing, and couldn’t have done it without you.
To my friends, and others, who didn’t support me – thank you for voting. I value your friendship so much more than your vote.
To those who didn’t vote – please consider voting next time.  Everybody counts.
To the Route 2 folks – you deserve reliable sound data, and inclusive, meaningful support.
To the Town employees – thank you for the service you provide each day.
To the Board and Committee members- thank you for the incredible sacrifices you make.
To the School Committee – let’s work together.
To the “Preferred Option” Folks – let’s work together.
To the “Repair Folks – let’s work together.
To the COA – let’s work together.
To the RLF, LLCT – you folks do an outstanding job.  Thank you.
To those who want change – change is happening slowly.
To those who don’t want change – change is happening quickly.
To those heavily involved – hear the message and try to encourage different voices to step up.  The best music is sung by choirs with the widest range of singers.
To those not involved – remember, we all have a voice, and it’s our duty to offer its use.
To Peter Braun – thank you for braving the elements with me all day long.  I enjoyed our “off the record” conversations very much. It is readily apparent that your love for Lincoln runs through your veins.  You ran a great campaign, and I believe the entire community is better off for having a reason to become more involved.

I have enjoyed this entire experience immensely, and I look forward to the future.  I have learned so much, not only about “politics”, but also about this incredibly special community.  I hope we can each find some small way to keep the positive momentum alive and put it to good use for the benefit of us all.


Vin Cannistraro
15 Deer Run Road


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Neil Feinberg’s Lincoln Journal Endorsement letter

This letter also appeared in the Letters-to-editor section of the 3/27 issue of the Lincoln Journal :

I am writing to express my strong support for Vin Cannistraro for Selectman.

I watched Vin work last summer as part of the School Building Advisory Committee (SBAC) and was very impressed by the experience and knowledge he brought to the table.  His company helped build Gillette Stadium for the Patriots, so he knows a little bit about the construction biz.

His expertise would be vital, not only as it relates to the school building project, but it would also enable him to provide fresh ideas and perspectives for the Minuteman High School project, the Rt. 2 construction project and whatever ends up happening at Hanscom.  These are the major issues that will confront our town over the next three years.

But perhaps the thing I admire most about Vin is his fearlessness as an advocate.  Many times he was a lone voice on the SBAC recommending solutions that wouldn’t automatically cost $50 million.  This is the kind of leadership the town sorely needs.  Vin Cannistraro has shown that he is someone who will stand up for Lincoln as we navigate the troubled waters ahead.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Vin Cannistraro for Selectman next Monday.

Neil Feinberg

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Why I quit the Lincoln Journal

You may have noticed that my column hasn’t appeared in the Lincoln Journal in recent weeks.  When you’re asked to write an opinion column, you hope that your point of view will be respected, or at least published.

However, when I wrote a column a few weeks ago endorsing Vin Cannistraro for Selectmen, the newspaper’s editor refused to print it.  You can read that censored column by scrolling down this page.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I can’t write for any publication that won’t print what I write.

Luckily for me, there are other avenues of communication and I will continue to blog about Life & Politics in Lincoln right here.  Check back frequently and sign up for email notifications.


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