Who else is endorsing Bob?


Click on this Link to visit the Lincoln Squirrel’s page of endorsement letters for Bob Domnitz

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  1. Eleanor and Derek Fitzgerald says:

    We also enthusiastically support Bob Domnitz. He has been steadfast and consistent in representing the town and its neighborhoods as a member of the Planning Board. Having lived near Rt. 2 since 1967, we are well aware of the political wheeling and dealing done at the state level on transportation projects that affect the quality of life of residents impacted by upgrades to infrastructure. Without neighborhood activism and strong support by town boards and the neighborhood, Juniper Ridge would have had to live with only a chain link fence along Route 2 when the Bedford Road intersection was upgraded in the 1990s. We appreciate Bob’s work on the Planning Board to assure that the neighborhoods west of Bedford Road get appropriate mitigation from noise and visual impacts from the current upgrade. He has also been vigilant on airport expansion at Hanscom.

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