Vote for Bob Domnitz for Planning Board – Here’s Why!

If you do only one thing next Monday, March 30, I hope you’ll stop by at the Brooks Gym and cast your ballot for Bob Domnitz for the Planning Board. He’s in a battle against a center-of-town, power-player candidate with an agenda to over-develop the South Lincoln / Mall area and the Transfer Station in North Lincoln. These plans could cost the Town tens of millions (those are your property tax dollars).

Bob Domnitz is the right choice for Lincoln. He has a proven track record of listening and carrying out the will of the citizens. He has also proven that he can be tough and tenacious when it comes to protecting neighborhoods. Bob is a lawyer and an engineer.  He deserves your support for the dozen years he’s worked hard to protect Lincoln’s neighborhoods.  If not for his efforts, there’d be a cell tower visible from my backyard.  If not for his ongoing diligence, the Rt. 2 project will end up looking a lot worse than promised.  While some town officials make nice with MassDOT and the contractor, Bob asks the tough questions and holds them to the terms of the contract.

Over the years, there have been numerous attacks levied against the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals, even though they are our first lines of protection against developers and non-profits who would like to over-develop our town. This time, Bob’s opponent seems to be arguing that the board is too tough on residents (or, maybe they really mean on the First Parish Church) with their silly requirement that applicants obey the Zoning Bylaws. But, I for one, want those protections enforced by the Planning Board. Bob has worked hard to have Site Plan Review work to give neighborhoods a voice.  It should not be dismissed as annoying or trivial.

What I don’t want is a Planning Board member who thinks it’s his job to facilitate dense new development and to rubber stamp these new proposals. I don’t want a person on the Planning Board who wants to acquire and expand Lincoln Woods’ treatment plant, which abuts a beautiful conservation field, and expand it into a regional facility.  And I certainly don’t want a PB member who wants to spend millions moving the DPW facility away from Lewis Street and into North Lincoln, at great taxpayer expense, in order to make way for hundreds of units of affordable housing.

It’s true that Bob’s opponent used to be a Selectman and I regularly covered that board during his tenure. What I observed was someone who routinely worked behind the backs of his fellow selectmen, wheeling and dealing with other town boards, state agencies and developers. Back then, I jokingly referred to him as Lincoln’s Dick Cheney for all his behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing. He didn’t like that.

More recently, Bob’s opponent led the School Building Advisory Committee…right into the ditch.   His failure of leadership cost the town over half a million bucks on a school design that was rejected at a Special Town Meeting.  It was primarily his stubbornness and failure to listen to dissent that led to that failed vote, and wasted time and all that taxpayer money (not to mention the Town losing over $20 million in state school building funds).

The choice is simple: someone who will continue to protect Lincoln; or someone with a hidden, more ideological agenda.

So, please…Vote for Bob Domnitz for Planning Board on Monday, March 31.

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  1. Eleanor and Derek Fitzgerald says:

    We also enthusiastically support Bob Domnitz, the incumbent running for re-election to the Planning Board. His efforts supporting appropriate mitigation efforts from noise and visual impacts on residents from the current Route 2 transportation upgrade have been commendable. He is also well aware of the need for vigilance toward further commercialization of Hanscom Airport and the adverse impacts they would have on a large segment of the Town of Lincoln. His continuing presence on the board is important not only to North Lincoln but also the entire town.

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