Neil Feinberg’s Lincoln Journal Endorsement letter

This letter also appeared in the Letters-to-editor section of the 3/27 issue of the Lincoln Journal :

I am writing to express my strong support for Vin Cannistraro for Selectman.

I watched Vin work last summer as part of the School Building Advisory Committee (SBAC) and was very impressed by the experience and knowledge he brought to the table.  His company helped build Gillette Stadium for the Patriots, so he knows a little bit about the construction biz.

His expertise would be vital, not only as it relates to the school building project, but it would also enable him to provide fresh ideas and perspectives for the Minuteman High School project, the Rt. 2 construction project and whatever ends up happening at Hanscom.  These are the major issues that will confront our town over the next three years.

But perhaps the thing I admire most about Vin is his fearlessness as an advocate.  Many times he was a lone voice on the SBAC recommending solutions that wouldn’t automatically cost $50 million.  This is the kind of leadership the town sorely needs.  Vin Cannistraro has shown that he is someone who will stand up for Lincoln as we navigate the troubled waters ahead.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Vin Cannistraro for Selectman next Monday.

Neil Feinberg

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